OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Michelle Wong is a Year 3/4 classroom teacher In Melbourne and is involved in digital learning at her school. She holds a Masters of Teaching (Primary) and has presented at Teach Meets and DLTV conferences. In 2014, Michelle was selected to train in Google’s Sydney Headquarters and is a Google Certified Innovator. She is passionate about finding opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the walls of the classroom.



The buzz of enthusiasm was contagious on a Saturday morning, at a time when one would usually be in bed! Yet I felt truly privileged to be sitting amongst an audience of hundreds, while waiting in anticipation for the first keynote speaker Anne Edmonds. She didn’t disappoint and her message, “the worst type of failure is when you don’t even try,” resonated with me and demonstrated what the conference was truly about. I saw speaker after speaker talk about their rich and varied experiences in education – starting code clubs from scratch, Skyping around the world in 24 hours, providing authentic student voice in junior school councils, creating a Lego movie that was broadcast in a local cinema and the list continued. These personal examples were ones of persistence, failure and success. There were stories of people who had never tried such initiatives before and very rarely had anyone to guide them, yet they soldiered on. They excited and motivated teachers like me to think if they can do this, why can’t I?

These educators ultimately showed me that sharing our teaching journey and trying new things does not have to end within the walls of the classroom; they can continue long after. For me, DigiCon15 was about exactly this, sharing our teaching journey and being inspired to try new things without any fear of failure.


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