Secondary DigiTech Curriculum

Integrating the new DigiCurric across the Middle Years

Room 400.G.4 July 27, 2017 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

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Andrew Brown

This presentation outlines how Surf Coast Secondary College (Torquay, Victoria) has integrated the Victorian Digital Technology curriculum into Humanities, Maths, English and Science within our FUSE middle years program. Surf Coast is a 1 to 1 school, and technology is a key component of our pedagogy. We saw the new digital technology curriculum as an exciting opportunity to formalise our integration of technology seamlessly within the traditional domains. There will be examples of how schools can incorporate the curriculum into existing subjects, and how to empower teachers to become digitech educators within specialist areas.

We will also explain how we’ve created a stand-alone digital technology subject for Year 8 students, which covers the skills of coding, digitech (such as Spheros and Arduinos) and design, without impacting on core subjects. The presentation will be delivered by the Digital Learning Leader, and a Science/Maths teacher who is new to teaching digitech.