Contemporary Pedagogies

“Full STEAM Ahead” – Wrapping contemporary 21st century pedagogy around emerging technology

Room 400.G.6 July 28, 2017 2:30 pm - 4:15 pm

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Sally A Ericksen

Be guided through an immersive, experiential learning cycle with peer participants – connecting, communicating, collaborating, learning and reflecting collectively. Working in small groups with designated learning roles (actors, observers, investigators), participants will be provided with the opportunity to engage with emerging technology and experience hands-on tinkering with a variety of STEM resources provided on the day, to  ‘have a go’ at  coding with a choice of (code monkey, Scratch, or Arduino C++),  to code a small robot using MBlock (open source Scratch), to travel the world within a virtual reality environment using HTC Vive.

This workshop provides a safe and inviting space for participants to collectively reimagine through hands-on experimentation, guided metacognitive reflexive practice and contribute to a collective social construction of shared knowledge. This workshop will deliver an interactive and highly participative experience for attendees.

This workshop will be facilitated utilising a dialogic teaching strategy. Professional reflective practice will be fully supported by the guided use of metacognitive visible thinking routines to uncover shared learning insights.

Exploration of contemporary pedagogical thinking will include consideration of the following teaching and learning theories – social constructivist, inquiry, discovery, problem-solving, project, social collaborative, experiential and transmediation at workshop intervals where reflection and group discussion are stimulated.

Participants are provided with captured collective learnings post event and are invited to continue their experiential learning journey within their teaching and learning space. If interested, participants are invited to join a twitter personal learning network to continue their reflective journey with colleagues, sharing experiences of applied pedagogies, teaching strategies and the redefinition of learning using emerging technology.