Digital Learning Across the Curriculum

Global Projects – authentic learning to satisfy multiple curriculum objectives

Room 400.G.8 July 28, 2017 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

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Christine Trimnell


Do you believe the 6 C’s – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, citizenship, character education and creativity are important in a student’s education? Do you want to engage your students in 21st century learning and use Web.2 tools? Have you thought about joining a global project in the past, but then decided you don’t have time to do anything ‘extra’? Or even if you’ve never considered global projects in the past, then this session is for you and other classroom teachers at your school! Sadly, Australian schools are very under- represented in global projects offering opportunities for schools around the world to participate in. My aim is to reverse that trend! Come and learn about a range of great global projects available and discover how you can integrate curriculum and satisfy a range of objectives by participating. Plan now to participate in an introductory global project I’m running in August/September!