Herding cats- Leading Change in Schools

Room 400.G.8 July 27, 2017 11:45 am - 12:30 pm

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Narissa Leung

Implementing a new initiative (eg. the new Digital Technologies curriculum) in your own classroom is one thing, leading other teachers to do the same is a whole other story! Leading change in schools can be akin to herding cats; everyone can have their own agenda and be reluctant to join in with yours. In order to change the world you need to influence others to get on board with your innovation. What are the most effective ways of bringing others along for the ride with you? What tips and techniques can you use to influence others to change?

This session is aimed at all teachers, middle leaders and school leaders who would like more influence over others in their school.

This session provides skills for teachers and leaders to drive effective digital change in their schools. Without these strong change leadership strategies, the impact of the digital technologies will not be widespread in their schools. This session is focused on turning pockets of excellence in a school, to excellence as the norm across the school.