Coding & Robotics

No Robots? No Problems!

Room 400.G.8 July 28, 2017 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

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Emily Fintelman

The Primary Digital Technologies curriculum can be addressed in a myriad of ways, with and without robots, yet an enormous amount of the current sharing of practice around this curriculum involves robots and gadgets. This can create the illusion that the DigiTech curriculum is only about children learning to use robots, or that schools have to spend lots of money on gadgets to be able to teach this curriculum effectively. These misconceptions can be overwhelming to teachers, costly to schools and result in a disservice to learners.

This presentation aims to dispel these myths and provide attendees with practical examples for addressing the Primary Digital Technologies Curriculum that do not require robots or gadgets for students to successfully learn DigiTech skills and understandings. Attendees will leave with ideas of ways they can enable students to succeed in this curriculum area without anything beyond PCs or tablets, and provide resources they can draw upon to extend their knowledge in this exciting area.