Spark Talks

Spark Talk: Friday Morning

Mary Glowrey Level 2 2.50 July 27, 2018 11:45 am - 12:30 pm

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Lucas Johnson
Robert Roe
Elizabeth Downey

Spark Talk sessions include three speakers exploring topics in short, sharp presentations.


Lucas Johnson: The Power of Partnerships in STEM  Education
Partnerships in education have the ability to open up learning experiences for our students that might have previously seemed inconceivable on our own. Although STEM Education is not a new concept, for many teachers, it may be a new approach to teaching and learning. This could have the potential to leave teachers feeling isolated or out of their depth, especially if they’re expected to teach in areas outside of their own specialisation. If teachers and leaders are made aware of the opportunities to be able to link with those that can support them on this journey, it may be a step in the right direction towards better opportunities in STEM Education for their students. This talk will address the types of partnerships available in STEM Education and the notion that many of these are easier to initiate than we may think.

Robert Roe: Finding Your Voice: Sharing Your Practice

Are you the storyteller of your classroom practice? Or are you and your student’s characters in someone else’s story? I believe that we need better insights into   the realities of classroom practice. We need better descriptions of authentic teaching and learning. Don’t let others tell your story! As teachers you have plenty to say. This “SPARK TALK” is an invitation for teachers to join me in a conversation about the need for “Teachers to become Storytellers of their Classroom Practice”. We will discuss different ways in which teachers can collaboratively, cooperatively and collectively share their knowledge, interests, intentions, beliefs and values through their stories. Stories that describe and shape practice. “This is what happened in one of my lessons”. “Do your children build with computers? Do your children speak Python? Mine do!” We will also discuss ways of collecting ‘data/evidence’ from which your story is constructed and shared with others.

Elizabeth Downey: Seesaw Digital Portfolios

The vision to capture student learning in an authentic and rich way has moved Glen Katherine Primary School to successfully transition from paper to digital portfolios. The primary success measure relates directly to the students, empowering them to take ownership and reflect on their learning through a fluid and live learning platform.

Another key to this success has been ensuring both staff and the parent community are ‘connected’, to strengthen relationships and the home-school connection. The implementation of the Seesaw Program has allowed students, staff and parents to reflect and evaluate impact of learning in a digital, 21stCentury approach.