Contemporary Pedagogies

Start with the problem first!

Mary Glowrey Level 2 2.15 July 26, 2018 10:45 am - 11:30 am

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Aisha Kristiansen

STEM Education allows students to start with the problem first. Curiosity and engagement is at the core of this contemporary practice. By examining the world around them, students identify, research, design and prototype solutions to modern-day problems.

It all sounds very enticing, but as a teacher, where do you start? This presentation will address the cycle of curriculum planning, implementation and assessment in the area of STEM Education. It will focus on the process of iteration and Design Thinking, whilst encouraging students to collaborate and connect with experts. Together, we will explore how you can create an integrated unit of work based on Christ the King’s planning model, so that you can get started with your own stimulating unit of work.