Digital Learning Across the Curriculum

Teaching vocabulary and reading comprehension to students with disabilities

Room 400.G.12 July 28, 2017 11:45 am - 12:30 pm

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Clark Burt

A typical classroom will have students with diverse abilities and needs, and you as a teacher will need to find creative ways to excite and engage all students in their reading and vocabulary learning. Students with literacy learning difficulties and disabilities (such as autism, ADHD, and down syndrome) need alternative learning methods and require a lot of extra planning on the part of teachers.
This presentation will be a mix of theory and practical examples learned from my 4+ years differentiating literacy lessons at a Special School as well as a discussion of my latest research and data results from my PhD project, “Can games help students with intellectual disabilities acquire target vocabulary?” Low-ability literacy learners need specific, episodic, and concrete examples to learn vocabulary and reading. I am arguing that technology and games can provide those tangible experiences individually tailored to a child’s specific needs.