What’s in the Box?

Room 400.G.12 July 27, 2017 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

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Marcus Mulcahy

What is the best way to kick-start your school’s Digitech Program? You’ve explored all the fantastic free options (including Scratch,, etc.) but limited budgets can make it difficult to afford whiz bang resources. How we can get kids ready for the future? At Carrum PS we found an old box sitting on a shelf and discovered a goldmine! Wires, globes, alligator clips, switches and Lego changed the face of our program and captured the imagination of the students. “What’s in the Box?” they asked. A week later we had enthusiastic groups of girls and boys working together to build cars, powerboats, and shade lamps. All student-driven, during their lunchtime and unbelievably inspirational, it kicked-started our Digitech Program at Carrum PS. During this workshop, teachers will look inside a box and create cars, race cars, boats, lamps. Students from Carrum PS will join me to present this hands-on workshop.