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Webinars and workshops: looking into Term 4

Recent face-to-face PL: cardboard and code

VCE Applied Computing: online communities for teachers

Industry partner spotlight: Pakronics

Free coding workshops: from Zenva Schools

Games in teaching: teacher summit hosted by ACMI

Job Board: teacher/educator position at KIOSC


From the desk of DLTV President Ben Gallagher

Hi All,

As usual I can’t believe how quickly this term has flown by. This will be our last newsletter this term, so I’d like to wish you all a restful holiday.

Our recent workshops have been well received and it’s been great for teachers to interact face-to-face. Suddenly you realise how much better this is than webinars, in terms of networking opportunities and learning. However, staff shortages COVID etc. have meant some workshops have had to be cancelled or postponed. Access our full list of upcoming events.

In the next month DLTV staff will be in attendance at a couple of principal network conferences.

And we will have a presence at PAX in October, helping the cause of Australian game development careers. PAX is a celebration of gaming and gaming culture featuring thought-provoking panels, an expo hall filled with publishers and independent studios, game demos, musical performances, tournaments.

DLTV are in the early planning stages of again working on the Classroom of the Future project for EdSummit 2023. We also had speaking spots and a stand at EduTECH. It was great so many of you could stop by for a chat.

I would encourage you to start thinking about renewing or becoming a DLTV member in 2023. Access more information about joining here.

VIT registration is due in September. If you or your school are struggling to fulfil professional learning requirements, please send us a line and we’ll be happy to see how we can help.

As always reach out if we can support you in any other way.


Ben Gallagher

President DLTV and ACCE

(Australian Council for Computers in Education)

Opportunities in Term Four

While we are aware of the difficulties getting out for in-person professional learning, DLTV is continuing to offer face-to-face opportunities for those who can attend.


Digital Technologies in Contemporary Art

when:  1pm - 4pm, various dates

where:  venues around Victoria

cost:  free

A unique series of afternoon workshops rolling out across galleries throughout Victoria. Advancements in technology have profoundly impacted contemporary art, encouraging artists to incorporate technology as part of their art or enable them to manipulate materials in new ways.

Participants will learn basic block coding (visual programming language) then use it to interface with micro:bits to program artworks that move, light up in response to user input. By exploring these concepts contextually within galleries we hope to help demystify technology integrations and boost teacher confidence in using them in a visual art setting. The workshop will be largely hands-on learning with opportunities for reflection on classroom practice.

Choose an option below:

13 Oct 2022 - Incinerator Gallery Essendon
20 Oct 2022 - Monash University Museum of Art
10 Nov 2022 - ACMI

Breaking down the V9 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and Digital Literacy

when:  4pm each week, 17 Aug to 19 Sep 2022

where:  online webinar series

cost:  free

Co-hosted by DLTV and Grok Academy, this series of short, weekly webinars will discuss the way the Digital Technologies learning area has evolved with the introduction of Australian Curriculum V9 in 2022, and also explore the general capability: Digital Literacy.

Register once and attend as many sessions as you like for free.

More info and book

Physical tech hackathons

when:  9:30am - 3:30pm, various dates

where:  DLTV Training Centre, 61 Blyth Street, Brunswick

cost:  free

A series of hackathons for STEM and Digital Technologies teachers. At each hackathon, participants are invited to bring along tools and examples from their own schools to share. Each day includes a presentation, a team challenge and opportunities for networking. Participants will use a Design Thinking framework to make solutions.

The next available event in this series is for Secondary teachers, including VCE, to get hands on with the various electronics options used in classrooms.

Choose an option below:

27 Oct 2022 - Codable electronics in Years 7-12

VCE Applied Computing Teachers' Conference

when:  9am - 3:30pm, 3 November 2022

where:  Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Parkville

cost:  $165 DLTV members, $210 non-members

This year, our November VCE conference returns to a face-to-face format, hosted at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education in Parkville.

This is a collaborative professional learning day for teachers of VCE Applied Computing, Data Analytics and Software Development. Join with your colleagues and share knowledge about course plans and resources; approaches to teaching and preparing assessment tasks.

More info and book

the joy of hands-on professional learning

DLTV was thrilled to be able to host our first 2022 "hackathon" for teachers: Cardboard and Code, last Friday 26th September.

With a mix of old hands and newcomers to classroom electronics, we had a great time working with micro:bit expansions and cardboard tools to create physical solutions based on an inspiring user story. 

As with many of our face-to-face events this year, this one was supported by a Google Educator PD Grant, so was free to attendees.

The next "hackathon" in this series is Hands on with codable electronics for Years 7-12 (27 Oct), which will take a deeper dive into secondary years projects using classroom electronics.

VCE APPLIED COMPUTING: online communities for teachers

At DLTV, we often get calls from new teachers to VCE Applied Computing looking for other teachers for support and advice.

You may not be aware of three online communities that exist for teachers of VCE Applied Computing, so we've listed them below. The amount of activity on these communities varies through the year.

Please note: DLTV does not host these resources and is not responsible for their maintenance.

And don't forget this year's conference for VCE Applied Computing Teachers, taking place on 3 November at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. DLTV's subcommittee has been working hard to plan this event and we look forward to sharing the final schedule soon.


Pakronics is one of DLTV's industry partners.

Pakronics® has created a niche for itself when it comes to providing a custom solution for STEM education in schools. We are a group of passionate engineers, educators and enthusiasts who love to help and support educators and students.

We not only supply genuine STEM kits from leading brands but also provide technical support and hands-on workshop (PD) for teachers and educators. We help the schools set up STEM labs and offer customisation of STEM kits with associated learning material to suit their curriculum needs. We help the educators gain the confidence and competency to take the kit to the classroom and unleash their potential through project ideas.

Not sure which product to buy or how to use the kits you have? Reach out to Pakronics® for a FREE brainstorming session on potential STEM kits, learning solutions and PD workshops for your schools: or visit our website:


with Zenva Schools

Zenva Schools, one of DLTV's Industry Partners, is running a series of free online workshops during September 2022.


Teacher Summit hosted by ACMI

Video games continue to grow as a literacy and tool for enhancing learning and engagement.

From ACMI:

Build student engagement in the classroom and beyond using the extensive teaching and learning opportunities provided by videogames. In this whole-day of professional learning, expert teachers reveal how to use videogames in primary and secondary classrooms across a range of curriculum areas.

When: 9am–4.30pm 4 October

Where: ACMI

More information and booking:

ACMI also has an extensive resource of lessons that use video games in the classroom.


Please email DLTV office if you wish to include a teaching job opportunity in our fortnightly newsletter.

KIOSC Teacher/Educator

The Knox Innovation Opportunity & Sustainability Centre (KIOSC) at Swinburne University is seeking people with experience in robotics and programming, ideally with teaching experience as well.

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