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Webinars and workshops: looking into Term 4

Victorian Coding Challenge: Stage 2 enrolments extended to 21 October

VET ICT: News about teaching and assessing in 2023

Industry partner spotlight: The Brainary

Games in teaching: teacher summit hosted by ACMI

PAX 2022: DLTV is part of the Games Careers Expo

Job Board: VCE Algorithmics teacher position at CHES


From the desk of DLTV President Ben Gallagher

Hi All,

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a well-earned break and are refreshed and ready to go for the last leg of the school year.

Today I’d like to write about the importance of membership of DLTV.

During the rapid response to COVID, DLTV made the conscious decision to support teachers by making many of our resources publicly available at very short notice. We know this made a positive difference for Victorian educators. For example, over 3000 teachers accessed our remote teaching resource bank that was co-created by you, our members. We also provided a significant number of grants for teachers looking to experiment with innovations in teaching and learning, as we knew that other sources of funding were difficult to acquire during this period. DLTV made this decision because the majority of us are currently teachers or have teaching backgrounds, and felt as an organisation this was the time to give back to teachers in what has been a really difficult two years. However, as COVID becomes the new normal and we learn to live with it, DLTV will be gradually putting resources behind a member-only firewall to ensure our continued viability as a charity.

Professionally it is our member base that allows us to support all teachers, and gave us the capacity to create these resources in a time of need.

There are many benefits to being a member including discounts for resources and conferences. In a lot of cases the discounting actually covers the cost of the membership.

Schools who are members and know us can testify that we are always responsive and helpful. We see ourselves as serving teachers and schools, but can only do this because of our paid members.

A few of the things you don’t see which we can only do through a strong membership are:

  • supporting teachers and schools with bespoke workshops and consultancies tailored to their needs (access information here);

  • working with the Department of Education and Training Victoria and the Federal Government to find solutions to support out-of-field teachers;

  • actively leading and advocating for teachers in state and national reviews, such as the recent ACARA Digital Technologies curriculum revisions;

  • promoting Digital Technologies at conferences such as EduTECH, National Education Summit, PAX and Games for Change; and

  • working with industry partners such as Google and Adobe, and non-profit organisations such as ESA and ISV to ensure Digital Technologies teachers have a voice.

The best way to become a member is to apply for a School Membership, allowing the school administrator to nominate staff who will then all benefit from the membership.

I would strongly encourage you to budget for a DLTV School Membership in 2023 to support your colleagues and our proud, teacher-led organisation. To find out more, visit our Membership page.


Ben Gallagher

President DLTV and ACCE

(Australian Council for Computers in Education)

Opportunities in Term Four

While we are aware of the difficulties getting out for in-person professional learning, DLTV is continuing to offer face-to-face opportunities for those who can attend.


Digital Technologies in Contemporary Art

when:  1pm - 4pm, various dates

where:  venues around Victoria

cost:  free

A unique series of afternoon workshops rolling out across galleries throughout Victoria. Advancements in technology have profoundly impacted contemporary art, encouraging artists to incorporate technology as part of their art or enable them to manipulate materials in new ways.

Participants will learn basic block coding (visual programming language) then use it to interface with micro:bits to program artworks that move, light up in response to user input. By exploring these concepts contextually within galleries we hope to help demystify technology integrations and boost teacher confidence in using them in a visual art setting. The workshop will be largely hands-on learning with opportunities for reflection on classroom practice.

Choose an option below:

13 Oct 2022 - Incinerator Gallery Essendon
20 Oct 2022 - Monash University Museum of Art
10 Nov 2022 - ACMI

Breaking down the V9 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and Digital Literacy

when:  4pm each week, 17 Aug to 19 Sep 2022

where:  online webinar series

cost:  free

Co-hosted by DLTV and Grok Academy, this series of short, weekly webinars will discuss the way the Digital Technologies learning area has evolved with the introduction of Australian Curriculum V9 in 2022, and also explore the general capability: Digital Literacy.

Register once and attend as many sessions as you like for free.

More info and book

Physical tech hackathons

when:  9:30am - 3:30pm, various dates

where:  DLTV Training Centre, 61 Blyth Street, Brunswick

cost:  free

A series of hackathons for STEM and Digital Technologies teachers. At each hackathon, participants are invited to bring along tools and examples from their own schools to share. Each day includes a presentation, a team challenge and opportunities for networking. Participants will use a Design Thinking framework to make solutions.

The next available event in this series is for Secondary teachers, including VCE, to get hands on with the various electronics options used in classrooms.

Choose an option below:

27 Oct 2022 - Codable electronics in Years 7-12

VCE Applied Computing Teachers' Conference

when:  9am - 3:30pm, 3 November 2022

where:  Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Parkville

cost:  $165 DLTV members, $210 non-members

This year, our November VCE conference returns to a face-to-face format, hosted at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education in Parkville.

This is a collaborative professional learning day for teachers of VCE Applied Computing, Data Analytics and Software Development. Join with your colleagues and share knowledge about course plans and resources; approaches to teaching and preparing assessment tasks.

More info and book

still time to enrol students

The enrolment cut-off for Stage 2 of the Victorian Coding Challenge is now 21st October, 2022.

Open to Levels 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10 at government schools, the Victorian Coding Challenge 2022 is a collaboration between DLTV and the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV).

It works as follows:

  • STAGE 1: Four self-paced problems for students with enthusiasm and a knack for coding. Includes video prompts for students as well as solutions and hints for teachers.

  • STAGE 2: An in-person competition day. (10th November for Levels 5-6, 17th November for Levels 7-10.) This year's theme is hacking and cyber.

Participation is free. Find out more at the website.

News about teaching and assessing

Considering delivering VET in Information Technology in 2023? 

Experienced VET ICT teacher Kevork Krozian will be presenting a session at this year's VCE Applied Computing Teachers' Conference. Kevork will discuss the units, qualifications and requirements for this exciting pathway for students who may be suited to this practical IT option at senior secondary level.

News from the VCAA: Exam Panel Member for VCE VET ICT 2023 

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) are calling for expressions of interest for the part-time role of Exam Panel Member VCE VET Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for 2023. Exam Panel Members cannot be teaching the Scored ICT 3-4 program in 2023 or have any close relationship such as a relative or a tutoring role etc. with a 2023 VCE VET ICT student.

For further information please contact Ben Fitzgerald via email or by phone on 03 9059 5194.

The Brainary

The Brainary is one of DLTV's industry partners.

The Brainary is your local robotics and STEM Education supplier. We’re headquartered in Geelong and work with schools across Australia to successfully implement educational robotics in their classrooms. We have a long history of supporting and working with DLTV starting almost 10 years ago.

Our team is focused on supporting schools with the right technology for their context and we pride ourselves on our ongoing technical and curriculum support.

Our team is made up of educators and technical experts who love solving problems for our clients and can offer complete solutions: Hardware, Software, Training and Ongoing Support.

If you’re looking to build your robotics and STEM Education programs across the curriculum please feel welcome to book a session with our STEM experts. We’re happy to come to you or jump on a Zoom call. Please get in touch here:



T: 03 5229 2260


Teacher Summit hosted by ACMI

Video games continue to grow as a literacy and tool for enhancing learning and engagement.

From ACMI:

Build student engagement in the classroom and beyond using the extensive teaching and learning opportunities provided by videogames. In this whole-day of professional learning, expert teachers reveal how to use videogames in primary and secondary classrooms across a range of curriculum areas.

When: 9am–4.30pm 4 October

Where: ACMI

More information and booking:

ACMI also has an extensive resource of lessons that use video games in the classroom.


Video games continue to grow as a literacy and tool for enhancing learning and engagement.

Students, gamers, educators and industry leaders will come together at the Clarendon Auditorium in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre for this free, all ages event showcasing educational pathways and exciting career opportunities in the interactive games and entertainment industry.

In partnership with Creative Victoria and NBN Co., PAX Aus has added the Games Careers Expo to the program that will help cultivate interest and awareness of the wide-ranging careers and educational opportunities in the games industry.

It’s never been a better time to get involved in games. Booming growth in the Australia games development industry has seen revenue nearly double to $226 million since 2016 and employment increase by more than 50% in the same period, while internships, incentives and grants are readily available in this space.

The Games Careers Expo will inspire and engage with an action-packed schedule of seminars, panels, presentations, workshops and the chance to meet with industry stakeholders, employers and career counsellors. Whether it’s game development, design or animation, these talks will give practical advice on working in games, from non-programming career paths and applications of developer skill sets in other industries, to finding entry level roles and writing targeted CVs.

The Expo will also feature meeting booths from tertiary education, industry bodies, employers, and government bodies. The Expo is also open to school groups, official tours can be arranged through the event organiser.

The Games Careers Expo 2022 is proudly presented by NBN Co., Creative Victoria and PAX Australia as part of PAX Aus 2022 at Melbourne International Games Week, an initiative of the Victorian Government, delivered by Creative Victoria in partnership with IGEA.


Please email DLTV office if you wish to include a teaching job opportunity in our fortnightly newsletter.

VCE Algorithmics Teacher 

The unique new Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES) is seeking a VCE Algorithmics Teacher. CHES is proud to be specialising in two VCE subjects—VCE Algorithmics and VCE Extended Investigation—to expand access to these important subjects for senior students across Victoria. Student applications for enrolment in Algorithmics through CHES in 2023 have been strong and this is a full-time position.

Please contact Stewart Milner, Principal of CHES, for more information about CHES and to discuss this exciting role further or to arrange a visit to the CHES facility at Tours can be arranged with Stewart for the week beginning 3 October 2022.

More info at Recruitment Online job no. 1296780 (link for external applicants).

Applications close on Sunday, 9 October.

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