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From the desk of DLTV President Ben Gallagher

School seems to be finally settling into a routine for myself and my students, after what was an interesting start to the year. Today I’d like to tell you about DLTV’s Professional learning plans.

During term one we’re running some free webinars but not trying to be in schools or do face to face. Our reasoning is members we’ve spoken with are saying they are having trouble getting both staff and CRTs.

With that issue in mind, we don’t intend to do any full day professional learning sessions unless they’re regional. However, we are going to test the appetite of teachers for face to face by running approximately seven PL sessions during term two, generally on Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm. These will be in various locations in metropolitan Melbourne and be across a variety of interesting topics. Our hope is teachers will be able to have the flexibility to leave school after lunch. The full program should be in our next newsletter.

If we're successful we will roll out a more comprehensive plan in terms three and four including full day events.

While we are on the topic of Professional Development, we’re pleased to support ICTENSW’s conference (the equivalent of DLTV in NSW) you can find out more about it at this link;

We have an ever-growing set of really great resources for you and your school at this link;

Also if you haven’t seen it already download our new Journal - use the below link …again a free resource for you and your school. Feel free to distribute widely.

In the time of COVID, DLTV is making many of its resources totally free to put back for educators in these difficult times. Finally, if you haven’t renewed your membership, now is the time. As always reach out if we can support you in any way. We are only ever a phone call or an email away


Ben Gallagher

President DLTV and ACCE (Australian Council for Computers in Education)


Making use of creative tools for the classroom: Adobe Creative Cloud Express

21 Mar 2022, 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

This online, hands-on workshop with Dr Tim Kitchen will go through how to access and use a set of effective, free tools throughout the curriculum at any level.

The new Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Education is Adobe Spark and so much more. It’s a gift from Adobe to all F-12 schools globally and features very simple low-lift and high impact web-based and mobile apps for graphic design, infographics, video stories, image manipulation and web page production.

No prior experience with Adobe is required.

More Info and Book

Code testing, tracing and debugging

10 Mar 20224:00 PM - 5:00 PM

This webinar is designed for VCE Applied Computing teachers, but teachers of 7-10 Digital Technologies are also welcome.

Keen to hear how other teachers instruct students in the key skills of algorithm tracing, and debugging in their chosen environment?

Hosted by members of DLTV's VCE Subcommittee, this webinar will explore techniques to instruct and support students in code testing, tracing and debugging.

More Info and Book

The challenge of adding a GUI in Python

16 Mar 20224:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Relevant to senior studies like VCE Applied Computing as well as 7-10 Digital Technologies, this webinar dives into the options available for implementing a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in the Python programming language.

    Python continues to grow in popularity as 7-10 DigiTech students move through to senior studies, often displacing other languages and coding environments that came with built-in GUI options. What modules and tools are available to help teachers and students add GUIs to their Python solutions?

    Hosted by DLTV's VCE Subcommittee, this webinar also features a discussion with an Australian teacher who has built a GUI framework for his Year 10 Python students.

    More Info and Book

    Supporting students with the Innovative Project:
    Unit 2 Outcome 1

    23 Mar 20224:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    While 2020 and 2021 have posed extra challenges, teachers across Victoria have reported exciting ideas and products from their student teams in the  Innovative Project task (Unit 2 Outcome 1).

    In this webinar, members of our VCE Subcommittee will present and host a discussion about ways to support students in the project selection and management aspects of this outcome.

    Are students trained in one technology to implement their project, or do they choose their own?

    More Info and Book

    AI and teaching Digital Technologies

    29 Mar 20224:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    In 2022, Australian teachers have access to a range of resources for teaching about, and with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    In this webinar, find out what makes AI a useful context for the Digital Technologies classroom, from data representation to coding, as well as other curriculum capabilities like Ethical Understanding.

    Discover the many professional learning resources and lesson ideas covering the full range of year levels, as well as some potential issues and pitfalls you might encounter.

    More Info and Book

    DLTV JOURNAL 8.2: Gender and Inclusion

    This edition marks an important moment to question and critically reflect upon our commitment towards equity and inclusion in our society, after two years that have tested our ability to deliver teaching and learning of digital technologies, with cracks appearing due to challenges from variable online access and digital equity.

    Articles in this edition include profiles of DLTV community members, discussions on girls in STEM and wider diversity, as well as reflections on VCE conferences during COVID, explorations of high-performance computing (HPC), and using technology to enhance Chinese characters learning activities and understanding blood types.

    To download your copy of Journal 8.2 go to

    VCE NEWS: Topical webinars for March

    Booking pages for all three of DLTV's topical March webinars are now available.

      Also, don't forget that official on-demand videos from the VCAA are available at the following links:

      For Data Analytics

      For Software Development

        APPLE TECHNICAL EVENTS: free webinars

        Apple is committed to making every aspect of your school’s experience with Apple products to be as simple and intuitive as the products themselves. That starts with support for IT at each step of your deployment. Join our 60 minute sessions to learn about the latest deployment and management features from Apple. Upcoming sessions include;

        Deployment Considerations: Apple TV

        Managed Apple IDs in Education

        Click on the image above or button below to access more details or register

        For more information

        DLTV PL SURVEY: open to all readers

        Please help us offer the best Professional Learning we can. A prize of a $150 voucher supplied by our sponsor Pakronics is available to one lucky participant.

        Click on the image below to complete our survey.

        KAI'S CLAN: award winner

        Kai's Clan, a DLTV Sponsor, has won a prestigious education technology award. The EdTech Awards are described as the largest and most competitive recognition programme in all of education technology. The winning entry,  Kai’s Clan collaborative learning platform, teaches coding and robotics where students can create robot avatars and import them into Kai’s Clan. Then they can be viewed in AR/VR.

        The award judges commented,  "We like the fact that it combines coding, robotics, and AR/VR. Students can code robots from anywhere and then using VR, actually drive them. It teaches simple coding to complex coding, allowing students to grow with it from 3rd through 12th grade. The collaborative aspect of this tool makes it real-world learning that engages students. Tools to teach Python and other coding languages are needed in many districts. It's functionality includes STEAM skills where students can design their own robot avatars. This allows students to view their code in either augmented or virtual reality which is a very future-forward skill."

        The contest spotlights the “most innovative new solutions on the market that are helping school leaders meet the ever-evolving education technology needs of their districts and schools”.

        Kai’s Clan encourages cross-curricular and collaborative learning, digitally and physically. It was founded with the aim of merging these two worlds to become an interactive learning playground with the goal to nurture an interest for coding in children.

        Education manager Ronel Schodt says that Kai’s Education is very excited to be a winner of the Top EdTech product.

        DLTV & Education Summit: Classroom of the Future Competition - Prizes to be won

        DLTV and the National Education Summit are joining forces in an exciting new venture. The National Education Summit is being held on Friday June 17 and Saturday June 18 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

        Our joint venture will be to create a 'Classroom of the Future' at the Summit. The classroom will showcase innovative and progressive ideas around what the students of today will need in their tomorrows. We're not just talking gadgets and the latest in AI and robotics (although we will include some emerging tech). But what pedagogical practices will our students benefit from? What spaces will encourage our students to thrive? How will spaces be designed to create environments that are firstly environmentally friendly, and also physically stimulating as well as promoting physical and emotional wellness? How might global warming impacts such as floods and bushfires and pandemic events impact on our models of education?

        To begin the process we will promote and showcase a number of talented thought leaders to speak at the Summit. However we would love our members thoughts as well. What is your view of a Classroom of the Future? Will it be same old same old with a splash of bright paint, a new IWB, devices for all and space to move a few chairs around? Can you collect your ideas and send them to us at DLTV?

        We are offering two free tickets to the Summit plus a $100 Gift Card from DLTV.

        Please submit entries using a format of your choice to

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