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Strategic Drivers


1.  Support and develop creative ideas and connections which recognise successful digital learning and teaching practices throughout Victoria.

  • Providing access to opportunities in the area of digital learning and teaching
  • Developing a community of digital learning and teaching with which members can connect, collaborate and create.
  • Promoting successful practices across diverse contexts.     


2. Build a future of digital learning and teaching through innovation and promotion of the value of digital technology education.

  • Promoting digital learning and teaching across schools, government and industry.
  • Representing members in matters relating to digital learning and teaching across government, education and industry.
  • Developing and encouraging research in innovation and digital learning and teaching.

3. Shape students' futures through digital learning and teaching, and prepare them with skills, capabilities and knowledge to succeed in a range of settings.

  • Providing guidance and support to students in the area of Digital Technologies and IT.
  • Creating and extending opportunities for student participation in Digital Learning.
  • Enabling students to have a voice and advocate towards a future of Digital Learning and Teaching.


4. Develop educators focussed on building and sharing pedagogies, skills and capabilities in digital learning and teaching.

  • Creating and utilising resources to support educators in the area of digital learning and teaching.
  • Providing a platform for educators to showcase, shape and participate in professional learning.
  • Nurturing and promoting leadership across digital learning and teaching.

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