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Not just Minecraft: Video games as part of learning

  • 21 Jun 2022
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • DLTV Training Centre, 61 Blyth Street, Brunswick


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Part of our Back to Professional Learning Together series, this 2-4pm afternoon workshop is for teachers able to dip their toes back into face-to-face PL in Term Two 2022.

For teachers from primary and secondary, in this workshop Daniel unpacks our ideas and perceptions of video games to see how they can be a point of engagement, learning and new ideas in your classroom. You will come away with a range of practical and useful ways that you can use gaming in your teaching in ways that are not just a reward, and understand that video games as tools for learning rely strongly on teacher practice.

Daniel will share with you hacks and strategies that will allow you to find the best ways for video games and video game culture to be a part of your teaching. He will share examples for science, humanities and the arts. From ways to creatively teach geography through video games to considering the way the first level of Super Mario Bros. can teach students critical thinking, design and storytelling skills.

This is not just another gaming workshop. This is for non-gamers and gaming teachers alike. It pushes beyond safety, beyond screentime and into the worlds, characters and ways that you can level up your teaching through video games.


  • Video games & learning: myths
  • The breadth of video games
  • What it can look like in your teaching
  • Video games as part of pedagogy
  • Practice examples
  • Hacks and strategies

About the presenters

Daniel Donahoo works at the intersection of play, technology and learning. He has designed alternate reality games to teach the foundation of the Chinese language, worked with top educational app designers and worked with education teams at LEGO, Disney and Apple.

Daniel brings two decades of practice-based research, innovative projects and student-centred approaches to his engaging, storytelling style.

Who Should Attend?

  • Primary and Secondary teachers from all learning areas

AITSL APST standards addressed in this workshop:

Digital Technologies Curriculum strands addressed:

COVID-safe notice

DLTV follows up-to-date state government health recommendations for all face-to-face events.

  • Social distancing is in place, as required.
  • We supply hand sanitiser and facemasks (if required).
  • All surfaces are cleaned and sanitised before and after events.
  • Records of all attendees and contact details are retained for contact purposes.

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