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Gaming for social connection: lunch time gaming clubs to create inclusive school communities

  • 18 Aug 2022
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Online webinar: joining details after registration


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Are you looking to build a more inclusive school community? Are you wanting to find ways to support your students who love gaming but struggle to find friends?

Join this session as we explore the fundamentals of starting an inclusive gaming group in your school. We can use carefully selected games and 'Gamer Culture' as a starting point for strength and interest-based support programs that will help all students to develop communication skills, find friends with common interests and develop a sense of belonging to their community. 

This webinar will provide an introduction to 'digital games-based support programs' and is accessible to people with all levels of gaming knowledge. Included in this session will be an overview of the types of games and and gaming systems that have been found to create the conditions for collaboration, the role of the teaching staff during play and practical advice on how to talk with your school leadership and parents about 'gaming for good'.

    About the presenter

    Dr. Matthew Harrison is an experienced educator, researcher and digital creator with a keen passion for utilising technology to enhance social capacity building, connectedness and inclusion. He has taught in Australia, South Korea and the United Kingdom at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Matthew is currently coordinating Autism Intervention within the Master of Learning Intervention, and is the Co-Director of Student Experience at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education. His research primarily focuses on inclusive education and the effective use of digital technologies as teaching and learning tools. As a gamer, he has a particular interest in digital games-based learning and intervention.

    Matthew's PhD thesis examined how cooperative video games can be used as spaces for developing social capabilities for students with disabilities and neurological differences. Building from this innovative research he co-founded Next Level Collaboration, an inclusive community for neurodiverse children that uses cooperative video games to build confidence and social capabilities.

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